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Allama Ahmed Raza Madani
Islamic Scholar
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This will let you know the fundamentals of Islam
This course is also known as the Religious Scholar course in the other words we can say that this will make you a philosopher in Islamic studies.

Darse nizami

If you want to be an Islamic scholar, this very the right choice, Actually, this is the
course where we learn rules and sciences of Islamic subject, fundamentals of
Islamic laws and rulings, this course is also known as Aalim course, Aalim is a person
who works for the unity of Muslims, who answers the questions of his Muslim
brothers, helps them to understand Islamic rulings, and solves their issues. Hence
an Alim must cover the basics of all Islamic sectors.

What will you learn in this course

In this program, you will be learned many Islamic subjects, such as the exegeses of
the Quran, and Hadith Literature, the principles behind their interpretation (Usoole-Tafseer and Usool-e-Hadith), Arabic Grammar, Arabic Rhetoric, Islamic Theology,
and its Logic, jurisprudence rulings and their laws, etc. The students learn these
various sciences so they are extremely good scholars and serve Allah and the
religion of Islam.

Who can join

If you are able to read Arabic text and you recognize contractions of Arabic letters
you can join this best online Alim course.
if it’s hard to understand Arabic words and their contractions for you, don’t worry
you can learn that just within two months by joining our Islamic online classes of
Quran recitation, then you would be able to join this course as well.

We don’t need alim, we can read the translation of the Quran

This is a very big misconception that we don’t need any alim, and we can spend our
life according to Islamic rules sans alim, whereas in every sector of life, we are in
need of good and expert scholars.
suppose you are going to do marriage, who tells you the rulings of marriage, who
tells the rights of the husband and wife?
if you are doing business, whom can you ask to what kind of profit is lawful, and
which profit comes under Riba?

even if you are eating food who tells you what foods are legitimate?

can anybody find it just by reading the translation of the Quran?
no, not at all, these are very critical things just an alim can find the answer to these
questions under the shadow of the Quran and Hadith.

Virtues of Alim

Virtues of ‘Ilm and ‘Ulama have been mentioned in various places in the Holy
Quran and in a lot of Ahadees. Allah almighty said in Holy Quran

There are a lot of excellences of Islamic Knowledge, those couldn’t be covered here,
and we keep hearing them, but the main thing is that now everything is on our
fingertip, yet we do not agree to learn something that is beneficial for our
hereafter, as we get any chance of learning or being a cause for someone’s learning
we shouldn’t miss it, so enroll yourself and start your journey Ilm


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