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Quran Learning

Allama Ahmed Raza Madani
Islamic Scholar
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In this course we teach from the very first step of Quran recitation up to the Quran reciting with Arabic accent along with its recitation rules(tajweed).

As a Muslim, it’s an obligation for us to learn Holy Quran, this is an obligation that every Muslim knows about it, even without learning Quran our Namaz/worships cannot be completed, To full fill this obligation we are offering best online Quran classes where you can learn with our best online Quran teacher

 How will you learn?

In this course, we will start from very basic which means we will tell you how to pronounce Arabic letters with their origin because if you don’t pronounce Arabic letters as they must be pronounced then the result, and meaning will get changed, hence main important thing is to learn how to pronounce Arabic letters with their correct way of pronunciation.

Why Tajweed is necessary?

If you start reading Arabic text and you don’t know the correct way of reading it, you might change some similar sounds with each other, you may stress those words which were not supposed to be stressed, some words may be miss-pronounced, in the consequences meaning sometimes will get opposites,

To make you understand just see this example if anyone utters the word “Allahu Akbar” it means Allah is greatest but if he just puts some stress on the beginning it would sound like “Aallahu Akbar” which means “is Allah greatest?” now it has become a question, If a person states in this wrong way while knowing the wrong meaning he will become an infidel.

this is just one example, there are a lot of sensitive words in the entire Quran if don’t follow the rules of tajweed so your namaz and recitation are in vain.

Who can join this course?

according to the famous Hadees “seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim”,If you are a Muslim it doesn’t matter how old are you, In The Shadow of Islam knowledge is for everyone, if you are a female child or an adult so this is the best website to learn Quran online, We have male and female trainers and instructors who have been dealing with different people, As people think learning Quran for beginners is necessary as it is also necessary for them, and If you think that you can read Quran so you may give an assessment it will help you to know if are you reciting as in its prescribed order or not feel free to contact us.

Results of this course

After doing this online Quran course you will be able to recite Quran with an Arabic accent and beautifully recitation, there is a summary of Hadees “everything has an ornament and the ornament of the Quran is a beautiful voice”.

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