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To make society a more suitable place for those people who cannot afford a better lifestyle, we all need to play our role in society. Whatever we can do as per our affordability.

Via your contribution, we have been able to perform improvement in society and continue functioning towards our plans. We are extremely grateful! 

Accounts details for Donation
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Account no: 07340200011080

Meezan Bank- Buffer Zone Branch
Account Number: 01430102130687
IBAN: PK72MEZN0001430102130687
Our Mission:

We are a non-profitable organization. Our mission is to help needy people, spread smiles on sad faces, reduce poverty and provide education, medical facility and solve other financial problems to the needy. 

Our Message:

If Allah Rabbul Alameen has made us capable in society so this is our responsibility to help the needy. The main objective of Shamim welfare is to support the needy by showing solidarity with the underprivileged sections of our society.

Our Services:

In this society, we have been providing many services according to the needs

  1. Grocery Support Program; In this program, we deliver groceries. For those in need, the amount of groceries is enough for a small family to use for an entire month. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The best of all charities is to feed a hungry person.”
  2. Educational (School, University, Or Religious) Support Program; In this program, we help students who are good at studies but cannot continue their education due to financial problems.
  3. Wedding Support Program; Weddings are a joyful event for anyone. However, their happiness should not be impacted by their financial load. In this program, we give wedding packages to needy families by providing financial support. Furniture, items, food for the marriage ceremony and other household items also are provided. Alhamdulillah, Shamim Welfare helps in the marriage of orphan girls and the needy. 

Other than these programs, we provide some additional charity services in this society. All these work is possible only with your donations so you should also donate your Zakat, Sadaqat, Fitrah etc. to Shamim Welfare and earn numerous rewards. 


Sayyiduna Jarir Bin Abdullah has said that I made a Bai’at with the Prophet of Rahmah, the Intercessor of Ummah (May Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him) to offer my daily Salah, give my yearly charity and benefit my fellow Muslims (Sahih Muslim, pp. 48, Hadis 97).


The Prophet of Rahmah, the Intercessor of Ummah (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) order a person to announce to the whole city of Makkah that Sadaqah-e-Fitr is Wajib. (Jami Tirmizi, pp. 151, vol. 2 Hadis 674).


It is narrated in a Hadith, the one giving charity for the pleasure of Allah will also die with it and will enter Heaven. (Musnad Imam Ahmad, pp. 90, vol. 9, Hadis 23384).

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