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Learn Quran Online Academy

Online learning Quran Academy is a worldwide digital Quran learning organization; this is the best online Quran classes. It has been offering online Quran Teaching services since 2011, supporting you and your children in Quran Learning with Tajweed and Quran Memorization. We have both male and female Quran teachers, and no cameras are required, so females & children can read the Quran safely from the comfort of their own homes. Female faculty are also available for Online Quran Classes for Ladies and also available online Arabic classes for kids. This is the best online Quran classes.


As a leading Online Quran Teaching, we offer the very superior class online Quran Courses to every student. Our Online Quran Lessons include:

  1. Understand how to Read Quran
  2. Understand Quran with Tajweed
  3. Understand Quran Word by word
  4. Understand Memorization
  5. Islamic Dua/Supplications/Invocation
  6. Female faculty is also available for Online Quran Classesfor Ladies

We offer Online Quran Teaching services to everyone, wherever in the globe. We have hundreds of pleased pupils, which demonstrates our ability and reputation. We provide the best online Quran classes.


Our Quran Teachers at Quran Online Academy are diligent, self-motivated individuals. We taught them in accordance with the highest standards of all institutions, particularly for Quran education. To get the greatest outcomes, we want to maintain a welcoming workplace.

  1. Hifz-e-Quran
  2. Tajweed
  3. Latest Tools
  4. University Graduate
  5. Well-Trained
  6. Female faculty is also available for Online Quran Classes for Ladies
  7. and also available online Arabic classes for kids


We train our tutors before assigning them pupils since online teaching is a completely different method than traditional education. We continue to organise various training programs/refresher courses for tutors in order to keep them up to date and maintain quality.


Our tutors are diligent, high-caliber professionals who understand how to work effortlessly with a student in a nice setting to generate the finest outcomes. They can offer lectures in a professional manner and are fluent in Urdu, English, and Arabic. We provide the best online Quran classes. and also available online Arabic classes for kids

Features of the Quran tutors include:

  1. Hafiz-e-Quran
  2. Well aware of the rules of Recitation
  3. Well-trained to teach Quran, Arabic & Urdu online
  4. Have a strong grasp of the English, Arabic, and Urdu languages in order to speak with students and offer lectures.
  5. extremely motivated and cognizant of the complications faced in this field. They are driven to get the best possible results.

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